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Amplify Advocacy Project 

The Amplify Advocacy Program (AMP) is a two-year initiative, proudly supported by the Texas Public Charter School Association (TPCSA). Designed to strengthen and promote Triumph Public High Schools (TPHS) and the cause of Texas charter schools. AMP brings together dedicated individuals, parents, teachers, and board members to actively engage in advocacy efforts and create a positive impact on education policies and legislation. The program includes the following key activities:


  • Collaborative Cohort Engagement: Share knowledge, exchange ideas, and foster a strong sense of community among Texas charter schools.

  • Building Strategic Partnerships: Develop and maintain meaningful relationships with community and business leaders.

  • Engaging Elected Officials: Build strong relationships with local elected officials. Interact with these officials, advising and informing them about key legislation and advocacy efforts, and fostering mutual understanding.

  • Education and Collaboration: inform school board members and the general public regarding legislation and advocacy efforts.

  • Parent and Teacher Advocacy: actively promote and foster relationships between state and local elected officials and parent/teacher advocates.


The program stands as a dynamic and forward-thinking initiative that empowers TPHS  to be at the forefront of positive change in education. Through collaboration, community engagement, strategic partnerships, and effective advocacy efforts, the program shapes a brighter future for public charter schools in Texas, ensuring every child's right to quality education and a promising future.


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