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Non-Traditional Education

Triumph Public High Schools


Triumph Public High Schools is a Texas-based, tuition-free, public charter high school with 11 schools in the state Texas. Triumph Public High Schools is for students that are looking for a different learning environment, to get inspired and take hold of their future. Over 25 years of providing quality, non-traditional education in Texas

  • TEA Certified (Texas Education Agency)

  • FREE Public High School

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Morning or afternoon sessions

  • Attend school around a work schedule

  • Focused Curriculum


Triumph Public High Schools offers open enrollment year-round. Students can apply and register for classes at any time during the year.


The vision of Triumph Public High Schools is to guide all students to be successful life-long learners, be respectful and responsible citizens who will continue to triumph throughout their lives.


The mission of Triumph Public High Schools is to provide quality educational programs in a community-based, non-traditional setting in which teachers are free to be creative and innovative, and students are free to explore their full potential.

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