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Triumph Public High Schools Expands to San Antonio's West Side: A Local Perspective on Educational Transformation

This August, Triumph Public High Schools will open a new campus in the heart of San Antonio's West Side, an area of San Antonio I am proud to call home. As a Prospect Hill resident, I am particularly excited about the potential impact of Triumph Public High Schools on the local community and beyond.

Since its inception in 1999, Triumph Public High Schools has been dedicated to serving communities across Texas, focusing on youth at-risk of dropping out of school or “opportunity youth." The term "at-risk" is defined by the Texas Education Agency as students who are behind in their education, come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, have a history of disciplinary issues, or are at risk of dropping out. "Opportunity youth" refers to young individuals who, despite facing barriers, possess significant potential for personal and academic growth. By proactively addressing these challenges, Triumph Public High Schools has consistently worked toward reducing barriers to success and unlocking the potential of each student.

Living in the West Side, I've experienced firsthand the vibrant culture and strong community bonds that define this area. However, I've also seen the challenges our youth face, particularly in accessing high-quality education that meets their diverse needs. The new Triumph Public High Schools campus represents not just a physical expansion but a commitment to bridging these gaps. By embedding itself within the community, Triumph Public High Schools can tailor its approach to uplift and empower the very people we serve.

Triumph Public High Schools offers a non-traditional educational model designed to accommodate and adapt to the varied needs of their students. As a tuition-free and open-enrollment public school, it ensures that every family has the opportunity to choose the best educational pathway for their children, regardless of their economic background.

Further enhancing its accessibility, Triumph Public High Schools offers flexible 4-hour schedules and maintains small class sizes, which are crucial for providing personalized attention and support. This model is especially beneficial for students who may need a different approach to learning, whether they are accelerated learners, students needing additional support, or those balancing education with other responsibilities.

Additionally, Triumph prepares students for life after high school through programs designed to support College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR). These programs offer pathways to postsecondary success, whether in college, the workforce, or the military.

Raul Rangel, CCMR Coordinator, states "curriculum includes rigorous academic coursework and real-world applications, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities they will face after graduation. We also offer career and technical education (CTE) courses, dual credit opportunities, and counseling services designed to help students make informed decisions about their futures."

While the new San Antonio campus will provide an additional option for obtaining a high school diploma in the West Side, it’s important to note that as a charter school, Triumph Public High Schools has the capacity to benefit students and families from across San Antonio.

San Antonio's campus Principal, Geneva Salinas, Ed.D., points out that "our doors are open to all students, extending opportunities for a quality education beyond the immediate neighborhood and ensuring that our impact is felt city-wide."

Superintendent Frances Berrones-Johnson expresses, "the introduction of Triumph Public High Schools to the West Side adds a critical dimension to educational choice in San Antonio. Parents and students now have another option to consider, one that might align more closely with their personal and educational aspirations."

By providing this choice, Triumph Public High Schools empowers families to take an active role in their educational journey, selecting the path that best supports their goals and lifestyles.

As I look toward the opening of Triumph Public High Schools in the West Side of San Antonio, I am filled with optimism. This expansion is not just about opening a new campus; it's about building futures. Together, we can make a lasting difference in our community, ensuring that every student has access to education that is not only inclusive and accessible but also deeply responsive to their needs.

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