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Triumph Public High Schools' Welding Programs Driving Change

April is National Welding Month, a time to recognize the vital role of welding in our society and celebrate the contributions of welders to various industries. At Triumph Public High Schools (TPHS) and Student Alternatives Program, Inc. (SAPI), we are proud to join in this celebration by highlighting the transformative impact of our welding programs on students and their communities. With a focus on hands-on training and industry certification, these programs are not only preparing students for successful careers but also addressing critical workforce needs in the state of Texas.

According to data provided by the American Welding Society (AWS), the demand for skilled welders is expected to grow significantly by 2027, with over 360,000 welding professional positions projected in the United States. Our welding programs play a crucial role in meeting this demand by equipping students with the skills and certifications needed to excel in the thriving welding industry.

It's also important to note the role of women in the welding workforce. While women currently represent only a small percentage of welders in the industry, our programs aim to break down barriers and encourage more women to pursue careers in welding. By providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, we empower female students to explore opportunities in traditionally male-dominated fields and contribute their unique talents to the industry.

At Triumph Public High Schools and SAPI, we believe in providing opportunities for all students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or background. Our welding programs offer a pathway to success for students from traditionally underserved communities and those at risk of dropping out of high school. By equipping students with valuable skills and certifications, we open doors to fulfilling careers and promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

The success of our welding programs can be attributed to their comprehensive approach, which combines theoretical knowledge with practical hands-on training. Students not only learn about welding techniques and safety protocols in the classroom but also have the opportunity to apply their skills using industry-standard equipment.

One of the key highlights of our welding programs is the access to industry-recognized certifications, such as the AWS certification. These certifications not only validate students' skills but also significantly enhance their employability and earning potential in the competitive job market.

In our four Rio Grande Valley (RGV) campuses, students have access to both theoretical and practical courses, allowing them to gain an AWS G1 certification upon completion of the practical part. The course has maintained a 100% completion rate since its inception last year and consistently fills up with a maximum total of 40 students enrolled per semester. Currently, we are proud to have six girls enrolled in the program, highlighting our commitment to gender diversity in welding education.

Beyond preparing students for successful careers, our welding programs also contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of the state of Texas. With the demand for skilled welders expected to rise significantly in the coming years, our programs are helping to address critical workforce shortages and ensure that Texas remains competitive in the global economy.

Moreover, by offering practical courses in the RGV campuses and theoretical courses in other campuses, we are extending access to high-quality education to students across the state. This inclusive approach ensures that students, regardless of their location or background, have the opportunity to benefit from our welding programs and pursue their dreams of a successful career in welding.

As we continue to expand our welding programs and reach more students, we remain committed to providing free education to all students, strengthening communities, and driving positive change across the state. Together, we are building a brighter future for the next generation of welders and ensuring that Texas remains a leader in the welding industry for years to come.

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